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What could be the worse ? When you have your in-ear monitor one side lost while the other side faulty.

Yes it can be if you didn't meet us !

One afternoon, I received a phone call. The voice on the other end sounded extremely anxious and flustered. After a series of inquiries, I learned that the customer had purchased a second-hand headphone online without carefully reading the product description. They realized after making the payment that the headphone was missing one side. After double-checking the headphone's model and details, I assured them that regardless of the type of headphone, as long as the other side was undamaged, we could perfectly replicate the missing side for them.

I did not intend to deceive him. After all, replicating a headphone is not a difficult task for us, and most of the time, we do not consider doing such things. I also hoped to instill confidence in him through my response because I believe no audiophile would feel at ease when faced with such a situation without a solution (unless they are willing to buy an entirely new pair or are fortunate enough to come across someone who happens to have the same headphone with the opposite side missing and is willing to sell it). Moreover, as long as the tuning and the driver are intact, we have full confidence in achieving consistency with the replicated headphone.


Yes, this is what we received in the package

internal structure of the in-ear monitor

Yes, I believe there's hardly anything worse than purchasing an earphone with only one side. However, it seems that there's an even worse situation – when the remaining side of the headphone is also problematic. After testing, it was discovered that nearly half of the components are damaged, and the frequency response curve differs significantly from the official data.

frequency response of faulty side

Due to various reasons, this project has become even more challenging. We need to first correctly identify the model numbers of the components, replace them with new parts, and then restore the correct frequency response before we can proceed with replicating the other side of the in-ear monitor. This is indeed a complex task, especially since the in-ear monitor uses custom-made components. Testing is necessary to find matching components for this particular model.

Of course, despite the numerous challenges, the outcome was undoubtedly as expected. After several days of tuning and testing, we successfully repaired the remaining side of the in-ear monitor. Following the repaired sample as a guide, we replicated the other half to be exactly identical.


After dismantle of the in-ear monitor

In the end, we managed to transform the defective headphone into a perfectly matched pair through successful repairs. After thorough testing, the data also aligned with the reference specifications from the original manufacturer.

Works perfectly again

This has been one of the most challenging cases we've encountered so far, but we were still able to handle it with great proficiency. No matter what issues your earphone may face, we can provide you with a solution that will leave you satisfied!

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