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Omega is our inaugural flagship model, representing the culmination of our expertise in tuning, creative acoustic technology, and artistic design. With Omega, we aim to redefine the music listening experience, offering unparalleled innovation and performance.

Omega boasts a sophisticated configuration, featuring 1 dynamic driver, 4 Sonion balanced armature drivers, and quad Sonion electrostatic drivers, all integrated into a 5-way passive crossover system. Our proprietary acoustic technology enhances the drivers' performance, delivering exceptional sound quality across the frequency spectrum.

Key Specifications:

  • 1 Beryllium-plated dynamic driver
  • 4 Sonion mid drivers
  • 4 Sonion electrostatic drivers
  • AO Dynamic Enhacenment DD Chamber 
  • AO QUAD EST Passive Dampening Acoustic Channel 


Omega also offers versatility with its 3-way switch system, allowing users to customize their listening experience with 7 different sound modes:

  • Sub-bass response enhancement
  • Vocal enhancement
  • Treble extension


The cable is crafted with a 4-core pure silver 20AWG Litz-type construction, featuring Furutech connectors for optimal signal transmission.


Omega represents the pinnacle of audio engineering and craftsmanship, promising to elevate your music enjoyment to new heights.


Expected to be shipped by end of June
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